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We live in the mountains of northern New Mexico USA and we adopted Rosie and Rita from the local animal shelters.

We chose Rosie first and the next year we chose Rita. Or they chose us, depending on who you ask. Both kitties were very young when we took them home. They have grown up together and we have a lot of fun with them.

Many of our friends have cats too, so we always share stories of our cats whenever we get together.

We have so many stories about Rosie and Rita that we decided we need a place to share them.

Rosie is a short hair Calico and Rita is a soft and fluffy Black Turkish Angora.


There is never a dull moment with Rosie and Rita. They have a great imagination.

Some of the things they do, we believe, and some of the things, well, maybe not.

But they make great stories to tell.

They have their own distinct personalities. Almost complete opposites. Maybe that's why they get along so well.

Rosie is calm and thoughtful and we think she is an intellectual cat. We also think if she had thumbs, she would always have a book open and reading it. 

Rita, on the other hand, will always be a kitten, no matter how old she becomes. She lives from one moment to the next. Her life is supposed to be fun and she is going to have it. What does Rosie think of that? Sometimes she will join in the games and play with Rita. But, other times, she will give Rita a look that means, "I'm busy".

They have a full day of sleeping with one eye open, just to be sure everything is OK.

And at night, when everyone is asleep, there they go!

The "Rosie & Rita" web site is a glimpse into the daily lives of these two remarkable cats and their friends.

They have a new adventure every day, especially one day when a scruffy yellow cat came to the window to say hello.


Another day a prairie dog and a coyote came by to investigate. But, the day when the bobcat came by was a little scary.

Rosie and Rita are great entertainment and our friends really enjoy them when they come to visit.

Rosie and Rita have dog friends in the neighborhood too. They also have three cousins. Well, almost.

Ben & Jerry are two extra large black Great Danes. And Jazz is a black Labrador. 

If you have cats or dogs or other pets, do you have stories to tell? You probably do.


And for your information, if you ever wonder what your cats do at night when you are asleep, or during the day when you are at work. Ask them. They are probably talking to you, but are you listening? I can tell you from experience that once they start talking to you, you cannot quiet them. Regular chatterboxes they are. 

And, do you think those animals outside of your house are just passing by? They're not! Just ask Rosie and Rita!

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