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All Our Friends

Meet the friends of the Rosie and Rita.

rosie waving.png


Rosie is a Calico cat and that makes her special. Almost all Calicos are girls. She was rescued from a local shelter when she was very small, about 5 months old. She has a great life and shares it with her sister Rita. They live in the mountains of New Mexico with all of their friends. There is something special with where they live. Everyone has been waiting for Rosie and Rita to move in. 

rita waving.png


Rita is Rosie's sister. She is a year younger so she is the little sister. Rita is a Turkish Angora and soft as cotton. Where Rosie is the quiet and contemplating one, Rita is always wanting attention and ready to play at any time. She loves to play hide and seek and sometimes it can get her in trouble. It is good for her that she follows Rosie around and that helps her stay out of most trouble.

sarah waving.png


Sarah is Rosie and Rita's next door neighbor. Sarah has special gifts with the animals in the foothills. She was given those gifts by Carla Feathers, a Native American who lived in the house that Rosie and Rita now live in. Sarah can talk to all of the animals and they can speak to her. She is aware of everything happening in the local foothills and protects those who live in the area. The local canyons and mountains are dangerous places.  There are said to be spirits and lifeforces that are present in the foothills, both good and bad. Sarah knows these present forces and how to protect against them.

jimmy waving.png


Jimmy is Sarah's friend and lives in the neighborhood. Jimmy can talk to all of the animals too. Sarah has given Jimmy the ability to understand and speak with all of the animals just like she can. But Jimmy knows that Sarah is the respected leader of the foothills community. Jimmy and Sarah together as people do all of the things for the animals that they cannot do for themselves. All of the animals respect Jimmie and follow him when he asks them to.

Cat character.png

Yella Fella

Yella Fella. He is the cat of all cats. A stray cat that everyone chased and did not want around them. He is dirty and scruffy from living on the streets. And the scars on his ears show how many fights he has been in. Yella Fella had no name until Jimmy and Sarah gave him one. Yella Fella is his name and everyone in the foothills knows it. Whenever they need help, someone says, "Go get Yella Fella!". 

Prairie Dog sitting.png


Dug the prairie dog is the mayor of prairie dog town. If you do not know what a prairie dog town is, it is a town of underground burrows full of prairie dogs. They are not real dogs, but they are smart as a dog. What does a prairie dog do? Well, they eat and dig holes. And they keep a lookout for trouble. Dug and his prairie dogs are always on the lookout for trouble in the foothills. They have this prairie dog bark to warn everybody that something is not right. 

Coyote2 standing.png


Calvin the coyote lives in the foothills with his good coyote friends. There are some mean coyotes living in the mountain canyons and Calvin is always scouting for the bad coyotes. Calvin used to be a mean coyote, well maybe not mean, but very unpleasant until Carla Feathers and Sarah spoke with him one day and told him to stop being mean. He stopped being mean and now everyone likes him. 

bobcat sitting (1).png


Bob the bobcat lives in the foothills with all of the other animals. Bob used to be mean too. He knew Calvin. One day Calvin stopped Bob and said "Hey! Stop being so mean!" Bob wanted to know why and Calvin took him to meet Carla Feathers and Sarah. Bob found that when he was nice, people liked him. He decided that it was better when people did not run from him

Mountain Lion sitting8.png


Cleo the mountain lion. She is part of the foothills friends now. She used to be on her own roaming the mountain canyons frightening all of the small animals like the prairie dogs. The prairie dogs were always on the alert for mountain lions and would bark loudly when they were around. The dogs would hide underground and everyone else would run and hide wherever they could find a place. One day Bob stopped Cleo and asked her, "Why are you so mean?"

Man waving.png


Max the mountain man lives in the canyons of the mountains. He seldom comes down to the foothills. When Max comes down to the foothills he is friendly, but he is very shy. Max knows all of the dangers in the mountains. Max and Carla Feathers would sit around a fire and talk. Max would bring things to Carla from the mountain canyons. Only Carla knew what the things were that Max brought. Some of those things were in the stone circle. 

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