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Are Rosie and Rita real?

Yes, they are real. 

How old are they?

Rosie is 9 and Rita is 8 in 2021

What kind of cats are they?
Rosie is a Calico and Rita is a Turkish Black Angora.

Where do they live?

They live in the mountains of New Mexico, USA.

Do they go outside.

No Rosie and Rita do not go outside. They have been out once in their lives, but that's another story.

How are they in all of those places on Instagram?


What does Looking Out Our Window mean.

That is a good question. Their new house has many windows. They are always running from one window to the other to see what is  happening outside. Day or night they are at the windows. Their house is their world and the outside is the universe.

If they don't go outside, do they have claws?

Yes they have their claws. And they never scratch furniture. They always use their scratching posts. They are good kitties.

How do you stop them from scratching the furniture?

When they were young and first tried, we said NO firmly. We have 4 or 5 different scratching pads and posts for them When they use them we rewarded them or gave them positive pets. We have never hit them.

Do they ever fight?

No they do not fight, but they do play chasing games, running all over the house.

Do they meow to each other?

That is a good question. The way cats talk to each other is with body signals. So, that is why they are very quiet at night. But when they want something from people they become regular chatterboxes. They have learned that people respond to their meows.

Cats only talk to people, because we listen to what they want.

Do they get on the counters?

Yep. When they do we pick them up, say NO!, and set them on the floor. The funny thing is, they meow with back talk.

Do you have a question? Send it to Rosie and Rita.   HERE

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