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How To Adopt a Cat or Kitten.

So. You have decided to adopt a cat or kitten.

Have you thought about whether you are cat or dog person? Is there really such a thing?

Yep. There is. If you would expect a cat to act like a dog and comes when you say, forget it, you are a dog person. Some do and some will. But, do not expect it. That kind of relationship is built over time. But when you develop that kind of relationship with a cat you will know it is something very special. It is built on complete trust of you. If you have decided to do it and adopt, good for you. But, how do you do it?

First decision, will it be cat, or a kitten? That's an important decision. They both need homes and will be glad to live in yours. Each one will have different responsibilities. Everybody wants a kitten. They are so darn cute. But they grow up and become cats. Older cats are hard to find homes for, but they can be special for the right people. More experienced cat owners should be looking at older cats. They have more patience. Both the cats and people.

Kittens are a blank page just waiting to learn new things. More to come.

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