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What Is A Turkish Angora?

They are very silky soft, super friendly, love to play and love attention. What else matters?

OK, there's more. They are not the source for Angora sweaters. But they are just as soft and beautiful.

They originated from Ankara (Original Name Angora) Turkey. They are small to medium size 5 to 9 pounds. They come in many colors. They have a personality that surprises many. They love to play and will do most anything to keep your attention.

They keep their kitten playfulness well into old age. They are very social and best suited to homes with another cat or dog if people are not home during the day. They also love to hang out with people. Especially people with food.

Rita loves to play hide and seek. Her favorite spot is in the bath tub (with no water). She will hide in it and meow until someone comes to find her. Sometimes, finally, Rosie will go to find her.

There is no undercoat, so grooming is not hard. The coat is long and silky. The longest hair is around the neck and the hind legs. From the rear view, Rita looks like she is wearing pantaloons and they are falling down. Turkish Angoras are great with other pets and families.

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11 hours ago

Do you have more pictures of Rita?

11 hours ago
Replying to

Yes and we will be posting more pics of Rosie and Rita.

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