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Indoor Cats Need Attention Too.

Indoor cats need attention and things to do. Most cats are curious. They need something to occupy them when they are not sleeping. If they get bored, they can get into mischief. Imagine you are locked in a room with no windows, all day - get it?

Windows for cats are great. Toys for cats are great. Cats for cats are great. Having 2 cats is hard to explain, but if you ever ask the opinion of anyone who has 2 cats? They will say get 2 cats.

They have the ability to entertain each other when they want to and they will find places of solitude when they need to. Do your single and lonely cat a favor and get them a friend. Do they get jealous? Maybe. But they get over it when one is chasing the other or trying to find the other one in the bathtub during a round of hide and seek.

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